COVID-19 Business Support Measures

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We need to raise awareness as most of us unfortunately do not qualify for the the new scheme the Chancellor of the Exchequer – Rishi Sunak proposed last night to help the self-employed.

Please read my email template below and send a similar email to the Chancellor and your local MP with regards your inserted circumstances.

Template below:

Email addresses to send to: PLUS ‘CC’ in: and


Good Morning Mr Sunak,

I apologise for the direct approach and I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the measures you have announced to date to support the UK population. This relates to those in employment and those who run their own businesses. The packages announced are eye watering and very generous but I’m afraid they need to go further. I support the government whole-heartedly I might add.

As you may have guessed I have my own small ‘NAME YOUR TYPE OF BUSINESS’. I work from home and employ no staff.

With regards the measures announced last night to help the self-employed, I thought I might add a little perspective as to how this affects my clients.

In the grand scheme of things I am a very small business with ‘REPLACE WITH NUMBER OF BUSINESS CLIENTS’ business clients currently. This is made up of the self-employed, partnerships, LLP’s and limited companies.

Of these ‘ABOVE NUMBER’ businesses, ‘NUMBER’ trade as limited companies. These are owner operated and the director’s remunerate themselves by way of salary (£719.33 per month for 2019/20) and dividends. These businesses employ between one person and twenty. So micro businesses in essence. The owners of these businesses are entrepreneurs, they are the job creators and are the backbone of the UK economy. Many of whom risked everything to get themselves off the ground, often laden with personal debt due to the lack of appetite for business lending.

As you will be aware, the measures announced last night do not help them in anyway whatsoever. I therefore implore you to revisit this situation and consider the dividend income declared on SATR’s for the last three years, as you have with profits for the self-employed. These business owners should not be punished for organising their affairs in a tax efficient manner, completely within the law of the land. If you consider that 60% of my clients fall in to this category and extrapolate this across the entire UK economy you will realise the sheer scale of the businesses and households affected.

I fear if this sector of the UK economy is overlooked the majority may perish within the next six months, resulting in personal bankruptcies and massive job losses. I worry some may also be inclined to continue working, against government guidelines which will only make our battle against COVID-19 all the more difficult.

I sincerely hope this email finds its way to you, as no doubt your absolutely inundated currently. However, I felt I had to make an attempt to represent my clients.

I have also copied in your colleagues in parliament, namely Sir Edward Leigh and Karl McCartney, who will represent the vast majority of my clients in the House of Commons.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely




Hope this may help a little… and good luck! x

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