Savvy Studio’s Brand Identity for Omakase Room by Tatsu


Feb 06, 2018

If you’re jonesing for a most unique sushi experience that will have you dreaming about booking that trip to Japan without getting on a long haul flight look no further than NYC’s Omakase Room by Tatsu. Omakase dining entails a chef-led experience where every item served is in absolute season, frequently flown in fresh straight from Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. We’re definitely going to save up for experiencing Omakase Room in New York but in the meantime we’ll just lust after the beautiful brand identity of this famed establishment from the talented folks over at Savvy Studio. The overall concept by chef Tatsuya Sekiguchi results in an “ambient, sensory experience that allows the food to shine.” Every detail was intricately examined to meet the discerning eye of the client. From font choice and even kerning to color palette and scent design, the marriage of every element is an absolute gorgeous union celebrating the wonderful culture that is Japan. Enjoy a peek below at the various design elements including font choices, color palette and unique integration of scent. We’re truly smitten with the clean and calming brand identity that allows for this most unique dining experience to shine through.

Source: Abduzeedo