Innovative Design in Sport: Dresden’s Ballsport Arena by ASB GlassFloor

Ballsport Arena Dresden

Sep 05, 2017

Most go to sporting events to watch a game but we here at Abduzeedo can oftentimes get caught up in admiring the actual space itself rather than the athletes. Dresden’s Ballsport Arena is a prime example of the amazing innovations in sustainable design happening within the sports arena, pun intended. Most fans will be awe-struck by the futuristic look of the blue glass floor with its white glowing LED lines dubbed as one of the most advanced flooring systems in the world and the biggest installed by the genius team at ASB. 

The blue floor is made from tempered safety glass and can withstand enormous impact. The surface of the glass undergoes several special treatments to achieve ideal elasticity, friction and reflection of light. The players of HC Elbflorenz are also very happy with the reduced risk of severe injuries and the joint-friendly characteristics compared to a traditional wooden floor.

You may take a first glance with your naked eye and see what appears as a simple floor but advanced innovations will make one’s head spin. The touchscreen provides the ability to switch on a professional playing field for any type of sport. The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors and even mobile floors are possible. The fact that the strict performance criteria for sports floors are not only met, but exceeded, makes the ASB Multisports truly the ground of the future.


More About ASB GlassFloor

ASB, short for aluminum system construction, was founded in 1965 and have always insisted on high value creation through quality and intelligent design. ASB is an important development partner of the leading squash world associations and has given the sport several groundbreaking innovations. 






Source: Abduzeedo