Today’s roundup consists of a mix of great packaging, label and bottle designs. And as usual I would recommend checking out our packaging board on Pinterest, with over 800 curated packaging and label designs.

Deep Spring Naturals by Marx Design

Mermaid by Louise Olofsson

Emergency beacon

Press Butter Sand

Metrin Scincare by Alphabet

Crosby Gin by Trip Design Studio

Dasher+Fisher by Co-Partnership

Nourish Snacks by Collins. #branding #packaging


Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairytale Collection by Bessermachen DesignStudio


Cocktail Météo by Yann Carrière

The Forties Vodka by Sergei Asvides

Paint Packaging by Matthew Wakeman

Hafrsfjord Gin

Ombar Chocolates by Ocean Branding

Home Hero Supplies by Accuraten

Malmö Chokladfabrik by Pond Design

Proud & Punch

Alivu Olive Oil


Source: FromUpNorth