Beautiful Houses 3D Edition: House in the Dunes

beautiful houses

Aug 06, 2018

House in the Dunes is a architecture and animation project that Michał Szulik shared on his Behance profile a few months ago. I might be a bit late to the game, but as we used to have our series of posts called Beautiful Houses, and I am always looking for some inspiration or references for my own house, Michal’s project really caught my attention. The House in the Dunes is a beautiful and very stylish house, at first I really thought it was real, but then I realized it was a render. That said, I love the sidings and with what it seems to be standing seam metal roof style. The black and white color scheme with some reclaimed wood details also create a nice effect. What I can say is that this 3D project gave me a lot of ideas.

Michal is a 3D lover from Cracow, Poland, working long hours to get closer to perfection. Keen on further hard work. For more information make sure to check out

Beautiful Houses 3D


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